Ideas for a garden design based on art deco lighter

garden design

This streamlined atypical art deco lighter lends itself wonderfully to creating ideas for a simple, stylish garden. Its slick curves and repetitive motifs create iconic lines easily translated into landscape design.

The garden features flooring of white travertine slabs laid in stretcher pattern, with an inlay detail of black slate oblong tiles, which allows ample space for formal dining. The edge of this patio is cuffed with three lines of sandstone setts echoing the bold streamlined shape of the lighter. This theme is echoed in a wide sandstone sett pathway which arcs across the garden, dividing it and creating a deep planting area to the left. The area to the right of this path is laid with lawn.

Cream Perspex panels set in the planting bed add architectural interest and imitate the smooth surface of the lighter. The bold curve motif is repeated in the bottom right of the garden, defined once again by sandstone setts and enhanced with stainless steel mesh screens placed at intervals to aid privacy and divide the garden into smaller sections. The screens conceal a hot tub spa, which is sunk in the ground for extra privacy. The boundary walls are softened and improved with a variety of climbing plants. The 3 line motif of the lighter is replicated by a series of wooden posts installed along the boundaries.