Sometimes simple is best

Grow a Friendly Space

Sometimes I think we get too hung up on spending a lot of money on playthings for our children, and this remains true in the garden environment. However, simple pastimes can often be the most engaging. I can remember hours spent in the garden playing in a makeshift den that was nothing more than a sheet or blanket slung over a washing line.  It is great to encourage children to explore the depths of their imagination using the the simplest of structures that can be created in an instant, and the possibilities of a den – a place to hide, somewhere to play with friends, a special place where you can have your tea – make it exciting for most childrem.

We all have recollections of children running through the washing on the line, in a playing hide and seek or some other made a game. A couple of years ago we saw this idea taken a stage further in a highly creative garden design exhibited at Chaumont sur Loire, of where they use the idea of colour and washing hanging in a garden to create think blocks of colour that workedwith planting in the bed below.

This idea can always be taken one step further and combine this aesthetic with the idea that children today and can make for a very cheap, colourful and exciting children’s play area, for a day, a week or so long as it needs to last. The only limit is your imagination

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