Ideas for modern family garden design

garden design

This garden is inspired by Alberto Zorzis necklace at the Victoria and Albert Museum and uses strong geometric lines to create a modern family garden design. Intersecting squares with detailing form the layout, while a ring pathway links all the areas. A decking area directly outside the back door is off-set with a square of sandstone setts to mimic the shape of the necklace. The layout is designed to form small planting pockets for herbs, reminiscent of a herb wheel. A pathway sweeps around the edges bisecting a lawn and sandstone patio, with an open pergola adding height to the space. A large area of artificial lawn opens out to the right and is edged in setts. The use of artificial lawn allow for the motif to contain hard to mow ‘pinch pockets.’

The ring pathway leads to a pod at the bottom right of the space, creating a usable office space in a location where space is at a premium.

family garden design
family garden design