If you want to get a head…a cute product for a family garden design

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family garden design

Guerrilla gardening is all the rage. I love the idea of it – using food crops and ornamental plants to inject an abandoned site or neglected public space with beauty and utility.

Anna Garforth combines gardening and art in a unique and vibrant way. From her moss typography projects to her cookie dough messages she manages to create quirky and sometimes thought provoking pieces in public spaces. Her project, Head gardener : A guerrilla gardening project, turning milk bottles into characters and planting them around the city.

So this idea would be fabulous for an activity to complete with your children and add to a family garden design. Simple, low cost and very eco you could make a whole family of milk bottle heads and position them over a wall. Giving them different faces and including different plants would be bang on trend as well in the world of vertical gardens. Great for small and large spaces alike, for using up milk bottles and old bits of paint this could transform an area of a garden whilst encouraging children to tend and care for their head gardeners!