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The evolution of garden tables

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Everything is evolving – including garden tables. Gone are the days when your only choice was white plastic or a rustic wooden table. There is a huge range of materials and style to choose from.

No matter what size or style your garden design is, let’s face it, a table is always a good idea – we all wait excitedly for the summer so we can have a glass of fizz, we mean refreshing juice, whilst catching some of the rare English sun.

There’s lots to consider when choosing garden tables – what size do you need? Can you get an extendable one? What colour would suit your theme? What is the best material?

Here, we look at some of the best solutions for your questions.

Aselda Stool – Ikea

This unusual piece of furniture could be used as a seat or table, but also brings a quality material and texture to any garden. A snippet of a price, this could be an extra table for when you have guests or a centrepiece in a small garden.

Aselda stool

Tribu Mirth Garden Tables - In the Shedquarters

Tribu Mirth Garden Dining Table-Tribu

As garden tables go, this is a grand, timeless piece of furniture. Suited for up to 10 people, this would be perfect for entertaining on a large scale.


Balkonzept End garden table

Balkonzept End table – Rephorm

This multi-functional table is ideal for a balcony or small garden, where it can be difficult to find furniture to fit. The handy hook-over table really maximises space. It even has a cute plant holder for your herbs.


Lord of Love - garden tables

Lord of Love-Slide

For garden tables, this is our decadent choice. It combines elegance and a modern style, reminiscent of an old pub table. It would create the most fabulous focal point either on the patio or amongst the planting bed.


Moon Teak garden table

Moon Teak – Talenti

To suit the outdoor room trend adopted in gardens, many garden designs have large sofas. This means we must include the Moon teak coffee table. It is beautifully crafted, with curved corners to soften the area, and is space saving in its rectangular shape.

Moon Teak

GuinGuette-Maisons de Monde

When space is tight, a folding garden table is needed. This cute fold away table comes in bright colours to energise the garden.


Arc en Seil garden table

Arc en Seil-Chaplins

Garden tables may only be needed for the summer soiree or bank holiday BBQ. This table can be folded away and only used when needed. If storage space is limited, it could hang from a wall or fence to add something different to the garden. A win win situation.

Arc en Seil

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