In the Shedquarters – Outdoor wall ideas for your garden

Building on some outdoor wall ideas

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Setting boundaries is one of life’s rules. It is the same for gardens. That’s why we have listed some outdoor wall ideas.

Your boundaries can often help make the most of your garden, particularly in a small space. Beefing up your boundaries can add a focal point, create space or hide an unsightly part of the garden.

From wall mounted planters, paintings, or metal animals, make sure you consider the walls!

Here’s our outdoor wall ideas for you to consider:

Bentleys trio of men wall art

Trio of men

This unique wall feature would look great climbing up some ivy or above garden furniture. Bound to create attention for any visitors to the garden.


Trophy heads

This eye-catching garden wall art is perfect for making you feel like you are in an outdoor room. At a reasonable price, these striking wire animal heads will look good in most garden settings. We think they would look fabulous with some clematis scrambling through them.

not on the high street

Outdoor wall art - Hexagon-shelves-dark-oak-hexagon-shelf-solid-oak-hexagon-shelf-honeycomb-shelf-

Hexagon shelves

These hexagon shelves give endless creative possibilities. Add plants, mirrors, or candles for example, or just leave them blank. Either way the garden will instantly have some structure and interesting artwork.

Bespoke Interiors

Screen Box Maze

Again, as outdoor wall ideas go, this is another unique but effective piece of art. These decorative screens can form feature walls or facades. It is a simple concept but looks really great. It has a reasonable price tag for something that can create such a high impact.


Showstopper glass

As outdoor wall art ideas go, this is a showstopper piece that combines vintage with a modern twist. It gives immense reflections so perfect for a shady area in a small courtyard garden where the boundaries take centre stage. This really is the razzle dazzle.

McGuire Glass

Outdoor wall art - canvas

Outdoor canvas

An outdoor canvas is a cheap and easy option for outdoor wall ideas, as well as giving limitless possibilities. It could be used to hide something in the wall, adding colour or just increasing the visual look of the garden. Choose an array of colour, size or images.

Outdoor Canvas

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