In The Shedquarters – Potty about planters for garden

Planters for gardens – what springs to mind?

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When you think of planters for gardens, flower pots or terracotta may spring to mind. But things have moved on substantially.

Planters come in all shapes and sizes, and there is a vast range of new materials on the market.

If you have any seeds of doubt about planters for garden, just think of their many uses. They are ideal for adding structure, creating boundaries, or simply add personality to a garden.

Below, we look at some of the best planters for gardens.

Pot of Love

Thanks to the Pot of Love’s versatile shape and traditional rococo style, this ice bucket can also be used a planter. This could be a focal point for the garden and would just need a simple green leaf plant to complement the bold structure and style.

Pot of Love

Luxury Planters

These elegant planters for gardens would look great lined up symmetrically to create division in a space. We think they would look great with short grass on top. They also have a gloss appearance, giving that extra luxury and bouncing light around the garden.

Luxury Planters

Celso Corten Steel

This planter is made of Corten steel, which gives a good industrial look against some green planting. The orange tones add a winter warmth, and the natural fixed coating of rust protects against any more corrosion. A great practical and traditional choice.

The Pot Co

Slide Design Secret

These unique and fascinating-looking planters for garden do not actually need any plants in them – how fantastic do they look on their own? Available in a wide variety of colours, they would look great in a modern garden theme and, again, would create great division.

Slide Design

Slide Design X-Pot

These one-off creations are not only a planter but also create light with their luminous elegance. They also look great in the day when there are illuminated. They add a bit of glamour to any garden.

Slide Design

Urbis Design Ellipsis 90

As planters for gardens go, these are very elegant and unusual looking. Made from lightweight concrete, they are ideal for roof gardens as well as ground level garden. The smooth curves give them a timeless look.

Urbis Design

Giant flower pot

Oversized furniture in gardens is in vogue right now, giving an outside room effect. This oversized flower pot creates impact, height and a magical vibe. This would look good with a large planter and a shallow-rooted tree such as the silver birch.

Large Flower Pots

Buckingham Planter

As you would imagine, the Buckingham Planter is elegant and graceful. With curved edges, this planter looks great in a larger garden that needs that something added to finish it off.


Zinc Top Hat Planter

As planters for gardens go, this is the most fun one in our list. The zinc top hat-inspired planter would brighten up a shady corner of a garden or add some personality to your space. It would look great with some herbs or small plants in.


Fresco Cube Planter

This polished concrete effect cube is such a useful planter. You can group them in different sizes to make a statement or focal point. Its soft grey tones work well with most styles of paving and would top off any modern garden.

Iota Garden

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