Free Flowing Garden Design – Japanese Bedding Inspiration

garden design

This free flowing garden design would be an ideal family garden design.
Inspired by a Japanese bedding cover from 1850 it’s free flowing dynamic shapes moves across the space and creates the sumptuous arcs and curves which could be packed full of planting. The bedding, simple in its colour is bold in its design and will lend itself to a wonderful organic sumptuous design, striking and luxurious in its appearance.

A woodland, natural style would really work well with the shapes and use of the pathway would carve a space and create pockets for a garden swing, den, or hide out. Soft ferns could nestle in with woodland bulbs, bluebells, snowdrops etc to create a really soft natural planting. Hydrangeas, peonies and viburnums could further compliment this scheme and echo the big blousy white blooms shown in the furnishing. Purple crocus, bluebells and crocus accentuate the cool colours depicted in this bedding, while dicentra spectabilis alba, astilbe rivularis and helleborus × hybridus ‘Double Ellen White’ offer further white ground cover in a shady spot.

Deep swirls and curves can be reproduced in the surfacing with either cobbles sunken into cement, pebble mosaic or gravel retained with some edging such as setts or a metal strip. The curves opening out into areas designed for relaxing or entertaining. Areas for children’s play equipment can be hidden amongst the planting or suspended from trees within the space.
Secret pockets of exploration would also work well, a hidden folly, a small campfire area, a willow den. All of these would be great for any family garden design and easily achievable within the style. The entertainment areas can set be in with a paved circle in sandstone or slate to provide ample space for a dining table and chairs or sun loungers. The pathway connecting the two clearings can widen as much as is required to include another area for another item of furniture, a bench, table, swing etc.

Free Flowing Garden Design - Japanese Bedding Inspiration