Japanese Garden Design – created by us

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The client wanted to improve their outside space and do something different – along the idea of a Japanese garden design.

The client had lived in the property for a few years. She had renovated the interior and had now turned her attention to the outside space – and what better than a Japanese Garden Design?

There is a large concrete garage at the back of the garden, which needs jazzing up. The garage and rear area are on a higher level than the rest of the garden.

The client would like space to entertain and provision for vegetable gardening.


Our creation is inspired by Japanese Garden designs. Bold lines set at a 45° angle to the house slide across the space.

A patio directly outside the house will be large enough to accommodate a table and chairs as well as a large storage unit.

This part of the Japanese Garden design will have outdoor sofas positioned to make the most of the late afternoon sun.

Punctuating the space will be decorative powder-coated aluminium pattern screens in a range of sizes and patterns. A series of these screens will also be used to disguise the existing garage.

An integrated railway sleeper seat/daybed occupies the back left hand corner of the lower area.

There will be a black limestone pink patio and ebony cloud schist paving. The patio stretches across the space and is interspersed with Japanese polished pebbles and groundcover planting pockets to add splashes of colour throughout.

This patio gives way to a section of oak effect porcelain paving ‘planks’ to create contrast and create a path that stretch down the garden.

Part of the Japanese Garden design will be given over to vegetable growing, including strawberries and pear trees.

There will be raised railway sleeper beds placed in an L shape.

The planting scheme will include muted tonal flowers, such as hellabores, climbing hydrangeas, Japanese anemones and white geraniums, with splashes of colour from honeysuckle and Japanese woodland poppies.

Greenery includes ferns, Japanese maple, Japanese spurge and bamboo.

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