Garden Games

Grow a Friendly Space

All too often in gardens, the features that are erected for children’s activities are aimed at a specific age group. If they are also permanent (which is by no means unusual), as the child grows the parents can find themselves stuck with a often expensive piece of redundant apparatus. To avoid this it is always best to consider temporary toys and activities that can be enjoyed by children and adults of any age. One way of achieving this is to use giant garden games. The Garden Game Company has some fantastic products on its website, ranging from traditional garden pursuits such as croquet, boules and throwing games, to giant sets of children’s classics such as connect four, chess and jenga.

Great fun for children of all ages, these giant garden gains can provide hours of fun for adults and children alike. For adults, giant twister of after a few summertime beers can make for much entertainment.

Children love to be included in any adult activities, so to be able to play any of these traditional games on a large scale is always going to be popular.

The great thing about these giant games is that they are reasonably low cost, can be stored away in the shed ready to be utilised at a moments notice and have the potential to appeal to all the family for a lot longer than, for example, a climbing frame or swing.

family garden design
family garden design