A Willow Pear den….

There is nothing like a den in the woods to capture a child’s imagination.

From a young age we all love to play ‘house’ and make dens in the garden. I love these willow scultures from Tom Hare. He works with green wood, bending and shaping it into a variety of beautiful creations, from birds to giant flowers.

Not only does Tom’s work offer a great alternative to a den or other garden structure, it has such a beautiful aesthtic.  The sinuous curves that are created by the process of weaving the willow, born from Tom’s artistic approach to form and flow, create stunning multi-purpose structures. In a small space garden, any item that can serve more than one purpose is worth its weight in gold. In larger gardens a bold statement such as a willow structure in the middle of a lawn can add a huge dash of personality to a space.

If you want something even more interactive, you can also commission incredible items such as the willow swing below. It is suitable for adults and children and offers not only a swing but a highly sculptural feature and archway for a garden, so would become the centrepiece of any space.

A statement piece in Willow by Tom Hare