We’ve moved to Essex, home of the spray tan, homeboys and TOWIE – but not everything here is plastic – or is it?

One thing I have learned about our clients  are they are brave and as a landscaper in Essex they are prepared to take risks in their gardens with new ideas.With gardens in the area being more diverse than what we were faced with in London the architecture is rich and the gardens wide ranging. Clients are keen to seperate themselves from the norm and bold statement pieces are something they are happy to roll with. So in this case fake is funky and worth celebrating.


landscaper in essex - Funky tulips

It’s always nice to make a statement in a garden if the client is willing to be brave.  As a designer I love trying to juxtapose the natural with the fake and these tulips by Italian company Myyour fit the bill. Made from polyurethane and available in translucent or brightly coloured green, red, purple or orange they would make a fabulous talking point in any garden. They are also illuminated and I think they would look great nestled into a planted bed to add a dose of whimsical wonderment to a space.