Landscapers in East London – We need your help!

garden design

Talk about unusual. This was one of the most unique properties in London I have ever visited. For any landscapers in East London this was always going to be tricky and yet it was one of the smallest gardens I have ever been asked to look at.

This was a very awkward space in a beautiful location by the side of the canal near Victoria Park in Hackney. The clients were looking for landscapers in East London to realise its full potential. The garden was adjacent to the towpath, so privacy was a real issue. However although the clients were concerned about being overlooked, they also wanted to retain a view over the canal and lock. They also desired the option of being able to seat 12 people outside at a dinner club event. Really challenging stuff!

We decided that paving the area would be the best treatment and a series of cantilever screens would serve to give privacy and exposure as and when they chose. Coupled with mesh and chain curtain this would give the clients the option to choose the setting. We then devised a table and matching bench large enough to accommodate 12 people that worked on a series of pulleys and could be lowered to the ground (and stored against the wall) when not in use. This feature was designed in part to pay homage to the original purpose of the waterways, when goods transported by barge were loaded and unloaded using a jib and pulley.

landscapers in East London