In the Shedquarters – Get the garden rocking with a lawn swing chair

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Swinging away with a lawn swing chair

Everyone loves a swing. Children and adults alike. So why not get a lawn swing chair for you to enjoy any time you like?

Lawn swing chairs are not just fun and relaxing. They can be enjoyed by all the family and swinging is also known to release endorphins and even burn calories.

So, what are you waiting for? Swing into action and get one for your garden today.

Below, we look at some of the best lawn swing chairs

lawn swing chair

Hanging garden seat

Lawn swing chairs can add some sculpture to your garden design and this contemporary unusual luxury seat will do just that.


lawn swing chair

Globo Garden seat

This is another good-looking swing chair but slightly cheaper. It also comes as a double.


lawn swing chair

Tipi bed

We love the structure of this lawn swing chair. It is soft and floaty and could be used by adult and children alike.


lawn swing chair

Hanging lounger

This lawn swing chair could double up as a den and hold more than one person at once for multiple swing time. It has nice textures and material too.


lawn swing chair

Hanging hammock

A hammock design, this lawn swing chair is spacious and the essence of comfort. It could also add a splash of colour to your garden design.

Maranon Hammocks

Swinging armchair

This lawn swing chair is perfect for accessorising your garden, with its unusual motifs and cocoon shape, it will stand out in any garden. It is a great price too.


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