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This client in Essex was looking for a Leigh landscaper to give them the family garden design they’d always dreamed of. The client had renovated their house interior and were now keen to make some changes to the exterior. They were looking to open up their garden and make use of their space. They needed the area to work more for them with clear areas for adults and children.

The existing trampoline currently dominated the grass area and was obstructing the view down the garden. By changing the trampoline location to the side of the house and placing a pergola over the top with some added raised beds, it allowed for the rest of the garden to be opened up completely.

The patio was to be extended slightly and topped with six dividing planters which separates the patio from the grass. A path leading down the garden to the back left hand corner allows the client to make use of the evening sun. This patio was to also have a pergola over the top with strutted beams of varying lengths jutting out into a plant bed by the side. The shed was to be retained in the back right hand corner.

Planting in the garden was to be bold and simple, with big drifts of architectural plants.