Grow a Friendly Space


This client has recently moved into the house and would like to improve the tired established garden. There are some mature plants that they would like to keep in the new design. Several of the existing trees provide privacy screening and should also be kept. They would like some grass for play and several areas suitable for dining and entertaining.


Directly adjoining the house will be a porcelain paved patio, from which a curved pathway laid with bound aggregate will lead up the garden. A feature wall clad in rustic slate will be constructed in line with the double patio doors, and will incorporate a copper pipe pouring into a Corten steel water bowl below to create a fabulous focal point from inside the house. To the left of the space, behind the existing outdoor room, will be a circular porcelain patio large enough to accommodate a table and chairs for outdoor entertaining. This patio will also benefit from a curved hardwood bench backed with curved fibreglass planters to create ample seating for larger gatherings. The centre of this section of the garden will feature a bespoke oak pergola with metal pole canopy from which a hanging swing seat can be suspended. On the right-hand side will be a bar constructed from Corten steel with a marble countertop to enhance the entertaining options in the space.

The bound gravel pathway will snake its way up the garden, bisecting a large circular lawn. The curve of the lawn will be accentuated by woven willow panels of various heights installed at intervals around edge. The pathway will continue beneath a simple archway, comprising oak posts with a stainless-steel tension wire canopy, to terminate in a large rectangular patio in the back left-hand corner of the garden. The client’s trampoline will also be installed at the back of the garden, and the existing shed in the right hand corner will remain.

Planting in the space will be soft and blousy, taking inspiration from traditional French gardens. The scheme will feature a backbone of evergreen shrubs with a selection of flowering perennials to provide seasonal interest.

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