Leigh on Sea Landscaper called in to spruce it up.

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Chris contacted us as she was looking for a Leigh on Sea landscaper. She had had her garden renovated several years ago and was now looking to update her planting scheme.


The framework for the garden works well. The circle of lawn is well kept and the sweeping pathway in long setts just needed a bit of a tidy up. The limestone needed cleaning, and re-sealing to prevent algae build-up.

She wanted to increase privacy on the left hand side of the garden as the row of houses overlooked the space. New planting was also needed to be introduced along the back wall.

Much of the foliage she had in the garden had become too big for the beds, and the lavender also become a little leggy. The property was right on the seafront, so the planting need to be tolerant of sea air. Chris was a keen Gardener, but travelled a lot with work so the scheme needed to be low maintenance. She wanted to include different leaf shapes, textures and colours.

She also wanted Earth Designs to look at the front garden. She had a Leigh on Sea landscaper come in to to maintain the beds, but they were inherited plants and she wasn’t fond of them. Again the plants needed to tolerate sea air and look good all year round. Leaf shape, texture and colour were important to provide interest without too much faff.

We delivered two planting schemes to Chris and our Leigh on Sea Landscaper provided her with a scope for works to help renovate the space and give it a face lift.

family garden design
family garden design