Leigh-on-Sea landscaper wanted to create private haven

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Kevin and Victoria were looking for a Leigh-on-Sea landscaper, so called Katrina at Earth Designs for a garden design consultation. It soon became obvious their challenge was to create privacy from the gardens behind.

Leigh-on-Sea Landscaper to create privacy in the garden

Katrina (as the Leigh-on-Sea landscaper they so needed) was able to offer the immediate solution of raising the boundary fence. The legal requirement is that the fence cannot be more than 1.8m (a standard 6 foot fence). However, with the clever use of pleached trees, it could be legally increased by a further 2m. Pleached trees are good at providing that all-important extra height, but without needing extra girth around the base. The client’s Leigh-on-Sea landscaper had created the perfect solution.

Putting a ring on it

The client’s requirement to us as the Leigh-on-Sea landscaper was to get rid of the boxy nature of the garden. They had a love of Art Deco and the house had brilliant colour in the interior styling, so Katrina went for a square and circular motif, dividing the garden space into two areas. The existing decking and steps were to remain, so Katrina included them seamlessly into the design. The second patio was at the bottom-left of the garden to catch the late evening sunshine, enjoyed by lazing on a rattan sofa and chairs.

Pops of colour

The clients had a modern and bold design preference with great pops of colour. They wanted to replicate the interior outside, and Katrina suggested using a motif of screens. One was to be made of mesh, one of decking, and one of Perspex. Accompanying these was a motif of balls. One sphere of buxus shrub, one of stainless steel, and one polyurethane ball.

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Leigh-on-Sea landscaper needed for garden design privacy

Pleached tree boundary

Pleached trees create a higher level of privacy. Photograph: backgroundimages.biz