Leigh-on-Sea Garden Design Diary: Week 12 2015

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Leigh-on-Sea Garden Design diary week 12

This week we undertook the initial consultation for our competition winner in was visited this week. An ambitious design was created including a large water feature, clipped hedging and covered decked area. The clients are looking to get the design done within the next few months. Matt completed a full site survey and the design will be started in the studio this week.

As a result of an aggressive marketing campaign on Facebook, Katrina has been out visiting lots of gardens in Leigh on Sea and surrounding areas. From simple paving jobs to more complex garden designs Katrina has been offering advice to lots of local residents.

Our Leigh-on-Sea Garden Design was completed and presented to the client this week. The clients were delighted and immediately commissioned the build, which will go ahead late May. The design includes circles of artificial lawn, a large area of decking at the bottom left of the garden, and a repeated motif of Perspex screens, stainless steel balls and illuminated spheres. The team were in this week planting some pleached trees along the boundary before the bare root season ends. They will return in a month or two to undertake the build.

We have contracted a planting job with some clients who commissioned a design in the middle of last year. The client is a builder so he will be constructing raised beds and paving ready for Earth Designs to install the planting mid-April.