Light and shade – pergola screening ideas you’ll love!

garden design

The concept of the room in the garden has caught on more and more in the last 20 years. Since the idea of garden designer was actually born and became popular and accessible for the masses, more and more garden pods, offices, structures, summerhouses, shades and dens have been designed into outside spaces. I love them. Not only do they create intimacy they also help zone a garden. At its simplest form, a room can be created by using a garden pergola.

Here are some pergola screening ideas which will make you think differently. Not only does the pergola help to divide the space and create a focal point for entertainment or relaxation, it can also help with screening and privacy. It offers a great opportunity to throw some interesting shadows and light play within the space. If you get a pergola correct, the shadows that it can create on the floor can be exciting to behold.

Adding shading to the garden is also important as not everybody likes to bake in the sunshine. It offers a vertical interest and the opportunity for climbers to thrive. I truly believe that every garden should have an element of a vertical structure even if it is something as simple as an archway to take that eye up, where the sky is literally the limit.

Light and shade - pergola screening ideas you'll love!