Little stars: Make learning child’s play

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Little stars: make learning child's play

Children’s play equipment, this can be in Achilles heel for any garden designer as an majority of play equipment is bright, garish and plastic. It can be very difficult to incorporate into any landscape design and remain neutral and unobtrusive. These clever people at Science Play, create futuristic, unique and dynamic spaces for a variety of settings.

As well as the usual fare of slides, swings, climbing walls and tunnels, they also offer planetariums, giant abacuses, as well as wall mounted educational interactive games such as treasure maps, counting puzzles, and blackboards so children are learning while having fun. Suited more to the communal setting such as the school playground or preschool, the spiral slides would not look out of place in the domestic landscape.

If you wanted to offer your client something interesting for their modern family garden design this is different and unusual. They are definitely in my scrapbook of choice and it’s great to have a product that is a shift away from the norm.