Garden Design Clinic – February 2012

Grow a Friendly Space

This London Garden Design is located in Somerset and the clients wish to develop the garden from its current state into something more modern. They wish to retain some lawn in the design and would like a dramatic water feature to be the centrepiece of the garden.

Garden Design Somerset Before Shot Garden Design Somerset Before ShotEarth Designs suggested the garden be designed around a series of elliptical shapes. A large area of decking, directly outside the backdoor, allowed ample space for dining and entertaining.

A short stepping stone pathway leads through a planting bed on to a second patio made from an elliptical shape of paving, before leading on to the second of two elliptical lawns which filled the space.

A pathway constructed from decking and leading from the large decked terrace directly outside the back door leads down to a large water feature in the bottom left hand corner of the garden containing a fountain.

family garden design
family garden design