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Grow a Friendly Space


This client had recently moved into their house they were young couple on both of whom work full-time.  This was their first outdoor space and they were very keen to maximize its use is the interior of their property was not as spacious as they would have liked.  They wanted to create a garden suitable for entertaining large scale parties and relaxing.  They have large glass doors across the back of a house.

Earth Designs decided to dispense with lawn and create a large terrace on two levels.  The first terrace leading directly from the house was to contain a large day bed big enough for two, or more than ample for a single-user.  Could be attached a timber posts and positioned in front of those could be tall slender contemporary modern planters.  The flooring in this space would be paving or decking, allowing the clients to bring their long Japanese style dining room table out into the garden when needed.

The second terraced space would contain a giant timber Pergola upon which a bespoke garden swing would be hung.  Box balls in stainless steel planters anf a stainless steel water feature will put the  finishing touches to the space and help add the wow factor that the couple were after.

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