London Garden Design Diary Week 12

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This week in our London garden design studio:

London Garden design company diary

This week the landscapers in North London have been continuing to pave the Holloway site. The weather has not been favourable, so things have been slow going, but they have managed to install all the lawn edging and clear the site of a lot of rubbish, making things much easier to work. They hope to complete the installation of the paving next week, with planting, lighting and lawn left to do.

Matt has been asked to return to do some minor works to a previous clients garden. The client is looking for landscaping in North West London and would like some concrete re-laid in his garden as a temporary measure before getting his garden fully re-landscaped next year. He has asked us to undertake the work as he ‘doesn’t trust the local builders to do a good job.’

Earth Designs appeared in an editorial section of The Mail on Sunday. The editorial advert featured in a supplement section called ‘Home and Garden’.

Matt has completed the site survey for the garden design in South Woodford. Katrina will start work on the design in the coming week. The clients are keen to progress asap as they are expecting their first child in July. It is the next job to go through the studio.

Katrina received another enquiry for the Google Sketch Up for Garden Designers course. This course is proving very popular and is one if four short garden design courses that Katrina runs.

The garden design for Hockley is coming on nicely. The planting plan has been completed and Katrina is putting the finishing touches on the design and presentation boards ready for printing. We hope to be able to present the finished product to the client during the Easter break.

We have two new garden postal design clients. Katrina has sent them each a questionnaire and is awaiting their response and site survey.