London Garden Design : Diary Week 15 2014

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WOTB wk15 2014

Katrina went to present our two current garden design schemes this week:

The garden design in Woodford sees large archways spanning the existing paving. Paving slabs will be removed down each side of the space at irregular intervals. Raised brick beds are placed throughout the space for growing veg, while long flowering climbers adorn the walls. A selection of long flowering perennials and evergreen shrubs fill the beds, while a seating area at the rear of the garden catches the evening sun. The clients are to build the garden and then commission Earth Designs to do the planting later in the season.

The client said the following about her design: ‘Fantastic service and design from Kat. Had a beautiful garden designed super quickly. Thoroughly recommend Earth Designs. Thanks!’

The second planting scheme is to follow the installation of artificial lawn. A shady garden for a lot of the day, the planting towards the rear of the garden takes into account the sun levels and is planted with shade tolerant grasses and peri news. A pleached tree to the left of the space helps to mask the unsightly view, with a raised railway sleeper bed under the conifer tree enables plants there to have soil that will give them a chance to survive. The client is commissioning the planting after the lawn has been installed.

Katrina is also working on the large scheme for a garden build in Woodford. The site is over many levels and is being reworked with the main area being resisted where the current play area sits. The planting and lighting scheme are being worked on this week and Katrina is due to present to the client in the next week or so.

London Garden Design work is also in progress for the landscaping in Walthamstow. The clients have a mature existing garden which they wish to retain and are just developing the main patio area of the space into a large entertaining and dining area.

Katrina also secured another planting scheme this week for a front garden design in Chingford.  The client has recently had a large pampas grass removed from the area and is now left with a patch of empty soil. She likes cottage schemes in a palette of blues and purples and is looking for something low maintenance. Katrina is due to resent other in the next fortnight.

Katrina went to give some London Garden Design garden design advice to a client in Woodford. They have a small garden with a cumbersome raised extension which minimises access into the garden. They were looking for effective design solutions to the space to allow them to use it more easily and give a greater cohesion to the existing landscaping.

 Matt continues working on the London Garden Design in Leytonstone with the first half of the raised beds now built and rendered. The work continues on the beds at the end of the garden with paving works due to start in the next few weeks.