London Garden Design Diary Week 19

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What’s been going on in the’ Shedquarters’ of this busy London Garden Design studio in London.

London Garden Design

Work continues to implement our East London Garden Design at the site in Highams Park, with more paving installed including some tricky drainage channels and pipes. Now the site is clear Matt has ordered the railway sleepers in preparation for construction of the complicated bespoke furniture and screen/retaining wall. The screens and walls will comprise upended sleepers of varying lengths installed in concrete foundations to create a solid structure. Each upright sleeper will be stained in blocks of three different colours to create a patchwork effect. The foundation trenches have almost been dug and work will progress on the installation next week.

Matt is due to complete the implementation of a small planting design in Essex this week. The site in Romford has been partially cleared/cut back, an existing wooden bench stripped of its weathered varnish and re-stained and a concrete garage painted on Friday, The team will return next week to the reshape the lawn and install the plants.

Katrina has won a garden design in Enfield. The client recently bought the property and in the process of commissioning an extension. He would like his garden landscaped at the same time. The long skinny plot will be carved into three areas and include a garden office and two patio areas as well as some lawn.

Producers from the television show ‘Love Your Garden’ have contacted Earth Designs to request our assistance with their second series. They are looking to visit a garden produced by a London Garden Designer to film design features that could provide inspiration for a family garden in a small space. Alan Titchmarsh would like film in the space in order to add inspirational content for a well-deserving garden build he is overseeing. Katrina has sent a selection for them to choose from.

Matt was finally confident that the weather was going to stay dry enough for him to return to the garden build in Hackney and seal the encaustic tiles, so that we can finally get the garden sign off by the client. The client is delighted with the space and has already been getting lots of use from it.

There are currently two garden postal designs in the studio. One from Lincolnshire has been sent three sketches for review, while the other is in the process of completing the postal design questionnaire ready to return to us.