London Garden Design Diary – Week 30

Grow a Friendly Space


Our London Garden Design Company has been busy coming up with concepts all over London:

London Garden Design Diary week 30


Our Landscaping in Hackney site continues at steady pace even if the journey into work past the Olympic site is far from record breaking! The raised bed walls are now built and rendered, ready to fill with soil once they have dried out. The tree that had been removed prior to us commencing work had not been fully removed by the tree surgeon, and we suffered some delays while we waited for them to find time to grind out the stump in order to make the construction of the beds down the right hand side of the garden possible. Matt is shutting the site down for the next fortnight while the Olympics are on, as traffic around the site could make travelling to site and organising deliveries extremely difficult.


Our garden design in Romford project continues with the presentation for this commercial planting project now completed. Katrina has finished all the boards and is now awaiting costs from the plant nursery and irrigation company. She is due to present the project to the client later in the month. The client has requested extra visuals of the garden design to include in their web-site update that they are currently compiling.


The landscape design for Hackney is also nearing completion, with the model now drawn. Katrina is just looking at additional styling products to cater to the client’s eclectic taste, and is looking at how to work the client’s existing items into the space. The trampoline, sofa, pergola and trampoline all need taking into consideration. The client also has quite an extensive wish list. They have a young family who are the main focus of the garden overhaul, for would also like to include some adult areas in the garden. At first glance the garden looks to be a fairly typical terraced garden, however it does taper quite significantly and is much narrower at the bottom. Matt is beginning to compile the budget.


Matt has booked in to complete the two site surveys for garden designs in London we contracted last week. The first, for the garden design in Highams Park, is a long rectangle with very little in it apart from some overgrown lawn and a shed. The second, just off the Holloway Road, is a larger space that has had some work done but needs improvement to the remainder of the space. We will work on both projects over the coming weeks and feature them on the blog as they roll of the production line.


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