London Garden Design Diary – Week 5

Grow a Friendly Space

Katrina continues to work on the Garden Design for Romania, they are now 1 metre under snow and its is -20 over there, so they have decided that the measurements are near enough and as most of the works will be product placement this shouldn’t cause to much of a problem.

Katrina has also been working hard building up relationships with other garden design blog writers, to see if a mutually agreeable relationship can be fostered and we can work with other sites to provide them with great content and images for their sites.

Another project has been re-drawn for the portfolio. Katrina was keen when compiling the new hard copy garden design portfolio, that the design process what representative of work that is produced now. In the light of 9 years (9 years!!!) of business, technology and working practises have developed quite considerable, so a lot of our early projects, even as recently as a few years ago, was all drawn by hand, so Katrina is going back over old ground to re-draw and garden design plans using computer software. It actually makes for an interesting process, and helps Katrina with learning the software further still and new tricks to employ when drawing up plans.

Katrina was contacted by a potential client for a garden design in Brixton, for a autistic child. They were contacting us on behalf of another family member who had three children, one of them being autistic. Katrina talked them through some options for the approach to the design process, given that they were to be assisted with funding and weren’t sure how much they were going to get, therefore were reluctant to commit to a design package. We talk creativity about options and requirements for all members of the family, including the parents. It would be a lovely project and a new challenge, so hopefully the funding body will give some clarity to the level of support the family can expect and we can start thinking of some idea.

A client with a London roof terrace on the 17th floor overlooking the Thames barrier park, called to book in a consultation. They found us via a web-search an particularly like our style and wish to create a garden similar to the one we did in Wapping a few years ago. They have just had their interior re-designed and so are now turning their attentions to the outside space.