London Garden Design Diary Week 7

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WOTB wk 7 2013

Been a busy week in the London Garden Design studio. Katrina continues to design the landscape in Walthamstow with the planting plan and lighting plan still to complete. She will start on the front garden design next week.

The garden builders in north London make some progress this week, with the timber pergola structure almost complete and groundwork in place for the black Perspex screens at the rear of space. Once the posts for the screens are installed, the team will start planning the installation of the paving.

Katrina went to do a garden design consultation in Sydenham. The client has lived at the property for thirty years and wishes to inject new life into the garden. They were given the garden design voucher as a retirement present. Katrina helped them to focus on how they use their space and look at ways to improve its layout by relocating the seating area to the bottom of the garden and removing the existing pond. They were delighted with the concept and wrote to Katrina afterwards to thank her for her ideas: ‘

The meeting with yourself was extremely helpful as it injected so many new ideas and enabled us to look at our garden with a different perspective and your design was innovative and exciting particularly the ‘shelving divide’. I really enjoyed the morning and was inspired. I will end up with a super garden due to your input.

Katrina also went to see a garden design client in Wimbledon. They were a repeat customer who Katrina worked with last year to deliver a commercial planting scheme for the office block they manage. They wish to liven up the front and back garden at their home and called in Earth Designs for some advice and suggestions. Katrina is doing a planting plan and will get back to them soon.

Matt received an enquiry for a water feature based on a Moroccan theme. The enquirer wants  to recreate a feature she had seen in a magazine which comprises a decorative raised pool with a wall mounted multiple spout fountain.