London Garden Design Diary Week 8

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See what we have been up to at our busy London Garden Design Studio…

London Garden Design Diary week 8

Work at on our current site is progressing well. The Landscaping team in North London have now started installing the various sections of paving and hope to have this aspect of the job finished by the end of next week. The timber pergola structure is almost complete, and just needs staining dark brown. Once the paving is complete the team just have planting, turfing and lighting left to do.

Katrina went to see a client looking for a Garden Design in North London. The client had lived at the house for over 30 years and was now in a position to consider updating her garden for her enjoyment. She wants something easy to maintain although she is willing to do a few hours of gardening a week. Her requirements are for space to entertain guests and also relax by herself. Curves really appeal to her, does having small secluded areas to escape to. Other requirements are for a water feature and storage area. She is planning to have an extension built on the back of her property. Once this is complete she will be commission a garden design.

On Saturday Katrina went to give garden design advice to a couple for a new roof terrace in South London. Work is about to start on a loft conversion for their flat and this conversion will include the creation of a  roof garden. At this stage they were after some ideas of what they would be able to do with the space. They would prefer a fusion of modern and quirky with ample seating for entertaining, with opportunity for more informal lounging and relaxation. They also fancy the odd bonfire party and an opportunity for some stargazing. Katrina sketched out a garden with integrated shelving and seating with storage underneath coupled with several quirky design touches. Watch this space!

Our Google Sketch Up for Garden Designers short course was another hit this week. The student, Julian, who is a practicing garden designer, had never used Sketch Up before but picked it up quickly and managed to complete a design for his client both in Sketch Up and Layout (Sketch Up’s 2D counterpart.) Both Katrina and Julian were delighted with the result. If you are interested in any of our short courses for garden designers, please do get in touch.

The back garden design for Walthamstow is now complete – Matt now needs to get started on the budget quote while Katrina cracks on with the front garden design.