London Garden Design: Garden of the Month February 2013

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We have delved deep into our back catalogue this month to one of our early Walthamstow Garden design projects…

The space is a worn out and underused urban garden

The client has requested a Turkish theme and has strong ideas of how she would like the garden to look

She also has a clear idea of the types of products and materials she would like to work with in the space

There is an existing deep raised bed, sound paving/concrete and a few tired shrubs and bushes

The existing boundary at the bottom of the garden is in need of replacement

To create an attractive and elegant contemporary garden design space that reflects the style of the interior of the house

To provide scope for entertaining and create a highly sociable space that works on different levels

To work with the client to develop and formulate ideas and to work into the project previously sourced preferred products and materials

The layout and scheme of the space will follow a Turkish influence

Only a small area will be available for planting, limiting the size and amount of plants we are able to work with. In order to create the maximum possible impact with the flora, selected architectural evergreen specimens will be strategically placed within narrow beds running around the edge of the space

A simple, Middle Eastern colour scheme combines white stone and white pebbles with chocolate brown decking

Contrast is key in this garden, with white stone and aggregate juxtaposed by dark wood and steel

Stepping stones, running into the garden from the side entrance to the left of the house, gently lead the user along a wall of scented evergreen clematis. This planting scheme is echoed along a decked walkway running down the right of the house.

A curved raised platform to the left of the space, rendered white and paved with light coloured stone, will provide one of two main areas for entertaining. The potential of this area is increased with the addition of simple, white-rendered, fixed benches. A few cut-out beds within the paving will allow specimen plants to be exhibited at their best

The second main area of the space will consist of a large expanse of decking at ground level

An aggregate circle, containing a smaller circle of decorative glass chips, becomes a focus to the space and helps to link to two main areas together

A white rendered wall, with several display alcoves built in, shall replace the broken fence along the back of the garden, providing an effective backdrop to the planting scheme. The plain expanse of wall will allow the client to experiment with lighting and other ornamentation

family garden design
family garden design