London Garden Design: Garden of the Month January 2013

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London Garden Design

This design seeks to create a contemporary, low maintenance space suitable for alfresco entertaining and relaxation. Simple, clean lines combined with bespoke features give the garden a stylish, uncomplicated feel with a strong sense of privacy and seclusion.

The space will be cleared, with all planting, raised bed and paving removed. The garden will be decked throughout with attractive and durable Iroko hardwood boards, selected with specifications to match the existing raised platform above. Steps will be constructed on the left hand side of the space to lead down to a smaller section of decking outside the french windows below. For safety, balustrade to match that on the platform above will be constructed along the exposed edge of the decking, as per the design, with a metal gate installed at the top of the steps to assure additional safety for the clients child.

An aquamarine painted rendered block wall one metre high will retain a raised bed running across the back of the space. This bed will be planted with a variety of strong architectural specimens, such as willowy blue grasses and sculptural allium, and will feature a series of thick, tall bamboo poles set vertically at intervals across the space. Further planting will be provided along both side walls in the form of six zinc planters containing tall, elegant Cypressa sempervirens (three per wall).

The left and right boundary walls will be extended upwards to a height approximately 1.5 metres above the level of the main terrace. The additional courses will be rendered and the entire boundary painted aquamarine to match the raised bed. A solid, 2 metre high fence constructed from 4 inch thick split bamboo pole will be installed along the top of both walls, to create a high boundary for maximum privacy.

Entertainment possibilities will be provided with the installation of impressive bespoke solid oak seating and matching table. This will comprise a  three metre long suspended bench fixed centrally along the raised bed wall, complimented by a 2.75 metre long by 50cm wide bench table and three 50cm solid oak cubes.

Finally, an atmospheric lighting scheme will allow the client to enjoy the space long into the summer evenings. The raised bed will be gently illuminated by a series of low voltage spotlights situated throughout the planting, giving a soft glow to the back of the space, while serving to highlight individual specimen plants. The suspended bench seat will be framed by two stylish glass block lights fixed to the top of the raised bed wall, while two similar wall mounted block lights affixed to the front of the existing decked platform will impart a gentle wash to the decking below. The existing decked stairs will be illuminated by eye-catching rope lighting running along the underside of each step. To complete the scheme, each potted Cypressa will be lit from behind by a single stainless steel up/down lighter secured to the bamboo fence.

London Garden Design