Garden of the Month – November 2012

Grow a Friendly Space


This design will transform the garden into a simple yet stylish outdoor room, splitting the space into several distinct areas with an emphasis on entertainment, play and relaxation.


Directly adjoining the house will be a large paved patio, laid with elegant Travertine paving in a ‘stretcher’ pattern. This patio will be bordered on two sides by an L-shaped raised bed constructed from sturdy railway sleepers. Measuring 1m high by 1m deep, this raised bed will form the back to an L-shaped fixed bench, also constructed from sturdy railway sleepers. The shorter length of fixed bench will be fixed to the bench without legs using strong stainless steel rods, while the longer, heavier bench will have legs for support. A set of cubed stools and chunky coffee-style table will complement the bench to create an informal seating area.

The raised bed will extend across the width of the garden providing a clear demarcation between this initial ‘room’ and the garden beyond. A 1m wide gap in the bed will allow access to the second part of the space. This entrance will form a bespoke water feature comprising a fibreglass grill over a sunken rill, fed from either side by a stainless steel water blade mounted on the end of the two sections of raised bed. The central section of the garden will comprise a lush green artificial lawn bisected with a railway sleeper edged flush bed. Travertine stepping stones running through the lawn will lead the user through the space.

In the bottom left corner of the space, a large bespoke pergola, constructed from treated softwood timber and stained to match the railway sleeper beds, will provide shade and privacy to a second seating area.

This area will benefit from a Travertine patio and will house two sets of chocolate brown weatherproof wicker furniture, comprising low slung sofas with waterproof cushions and glass-topped wicker tables for informal dining and entertaining.

The planting scheme will reflect the simplicity and style of the garden, utilising a refined selection of evergreen box, spiky phormium and shapely ‘Skyrocket’ conifer. Seasonal colour and scent will be provided by lavender, coneflowers and red hot poker plants, whilst a variety of evergreen climbers with staggered flowering times will adorn the fences with colour and interest throughout the year.

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