London Garden Design Inspiration – ‘What is the object over there’

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The essence of ‘What is the object over there’ by Victor Pasmore is one of simplicity and order, with a contrasting chaos  engendered by black blots across the image. Perfect for generating some ideas for London Garden Design Inspiration.

This garden design reflects this symmetry and balance with a central sunken pool lined with gold mosaic tiles. Grass strips run down either side of this pool, with black slate edging slabs acting as not only as a path but also as a border to planting beds running down each side.

London Garden Design Inspirations: what's the obect over there?

A large decked area enclosed by a timber pergola fills the back of the garden. Slightly sunken, with a decking seat and large flush ‘double bed’ area, this area would be ideal for a variety of entertaining possibilities. Large weatherproof cushions provide a comfortable viewpoint to look across the pool back at the house. Black corian discs placed just at the waterline offer a route back down the garden. These giant black ‘lilypads’ help bring the ‘chaos’ to the garden design and add a healthy dose of whimsy to the garden design. The area directly outside the back door completes the gaeden scheme and is to be paved with black limestone paving slabs 900mm x 300xx helping to reflect the long oblong shapes ever present in the original works.