London Garden Design Inspirations – ‘Arco Floor Lamp’

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London Garden Design Concept Sketch: Arco Floor Lamp

London Garden Design Concept Sketch: Arco Floor Lamp

The curves and clean sweeping lines of this classic Arco Lamp inspires a strong and simple garden design. A long arced pathway, constructed from white marble paving, cuts through the garden providing a boundary edge for a large oval lawn in the centre of the space. A black slate patio at one end of the path is reminiscent of the base of the lamp. This patio would provide ample space for a table and chairs to allow alfresco dining.

The other end of the curved pathway would terminate in a stunning water feature comprising a crescent shaped pool lined with stainless steel tiles. A marble path allows the user to navigate their way around the pool in either direction to access a small seating area consisting of a moulded concrete sofa seat and table.

Nestled among the planting beds are stainless steel ‘umbrellas’, domed water features in which water pours from the top and into a reservoir below. Steel archways overhang the path, shining a light onto three beds cut into the lawn depicting the pool of light caused by the lamp.

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