London garden design inspirations: ‘Booked in’

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Garden design london inspiration

This town landscape focuses on the strong geometric lines present in the mahogany bookshelves to produce a concept for a London garden design.  This concept is ideal for a small town garden, and could have a myriad of uses built into it’s design. It is palindromic in it’s design and would work in either direction or as a mirror image of itself. A patio, increasing in size and constructed from large sandstone slabs, leads from the exit point of the house into the garden. The shape reflects the staggered motif that dominates the bookshelves. The backdrop to this patio is a replica of the bookshelves as garden feature, with deep shelves created from chunky exterior grade timber giving plenty of opportunity for the client to tailor fill to taste with such sundries as cobbles enclosed with wire mesh, planting, ornaments, objet d’art or  whatever the client decides. The last alcove of the unit is an archway leading to the rest of beyond.

The second half of the garden is a mirror of the first, connected by a path, with a second alcove unit offering a striking entrance to the area. The rest of the garden will be laid to lawn with deep borders suitable for filling with simple evergreen shrubs for a low maintenance garden. Uplighting the timber structures combined with downlighting within the alcoves makes for dramatic lifting scheme opportunities within this garden design.