London Garden Design Inspirations – ‘Kubus Stacking Containers’

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London Garden Design Concept Sketch: Kubus Stacking Containers

London Garden Design Concept Sketch: Kubus Stacking Containers

This concept Garden Design for London urban gardens takes inspiration from the interlocking, ordered nature of these stacking containers. Their transparency is also a strong quality and this too is reflected in the design. Several large terraces lead the user through the garden, each bounded by a ground level flush Perspex inlay which will be back lit to provide a high level of drama at night. The terraces will be laid with limestone slabs in a stretcher pattern. Each terrace bisects the next to leads through the space, with a large rectangular lawn central to the design. The back corner of the garden includes an area of sunken garden, featuring back-lit Perspex clad Fixed bench seating  beneath a bespoke pergola constructed from Perspex tubes.

A glass brick wall running across the back of the garden evokes qualities of the stacking containers, such as translucency and curved corners on squares.

Planting in the space will be bold and simple. Swathes of green will cuff the boundary of the garden to echo the simplicity of the hard landscaping. Stipa gigantia will echo the notion of translucency in the same way the Perspex has, additionally blocks of evergreen shrubs will also embody the strong block theme.

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