Vitra Design Museum

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London Garden Design Concept Sketch: Vitra Design Museum

London Garden Design Inspirations Concept Sketch: Vitra Design Museum

This modern London garden design combines strong angular lines with bold curves to create a dramatic landscape. A strip of steel ribbon curls its way down the garden, starting at the back of the garden and travelling down the back of the decked wall to flush level and then loops back on itself undulating as it goes. It encircles a pool, forming an undulating wall and then travels on down the garden at flush level until it gets near the house where it rises again to become the coping once more on a white rendered wall. The main pathway though the space is polished concrete which bisects several terraces and forms its own terrace near the house where it widens.

Two terraces of iroko decking allow for dining and relaxing, whilst two hard standing areas of limestone pavers add a more decorative approach. Three large stainless steel troughs housing stripped bamboo edge one of the sandstone terraces and help create definition and a boundary from the bed beyond.

Planting in the space will be a simple monochrome colour scheme with black Sambucus, Heuchura and Hellebore alongside Calla lily, pachysandra and white Allium. Lighting would be dramatic with the decked wall at the back being lit and the stainless steel strip being lit from underneath with micro LED lights.

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