Whistling Kettle

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London Garden Design Concept Sketch: Whistling Kettle

London Garden Design Concept Sketch: Whistling Kettle

This London garden design concept uses strong bold ovals to create the form seen in the iconic whistling kettle.  A large terrace of poured concrete creates the main patio area which also includes a corian bench seat as a feature.  On the opposite side of the patio a sculptural wall acts as a backdrop to three stainless steel planters.

Leading off the patio three steel archways bisect over the pathway.  These steel archways are erected and are conjoined at angles to create a feeling of haphazardness. Erected from some high industrial steel, they are a strong presence in the garden, where the curvy nature and flow of the space will make the archway stand out. The pathway then forks with three Humphrey Repton style flower beds at the crossroads, these would be filled with red planting that allowed for year round interest. The pathway bends to the left towards  an egg shaped pod structure, clad in steel. The ceiling of this structure opens to allow natural light to fill the pod. Following the path further round to the right takes the user to a sun terrace, a quiet space in the garden for further reading and relaxing. This garden space also features two teardrop shaped lawns for a swathe of green.

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