London Garden Designer: Garden of the Month June 2013

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Our garden of the month is a courtyard garden and will be given a Mediterranean feel with extensive use of decorative ceramic tiles and rich terracotta floor tiles combined with scented climbers and aromatic culinary herbs. The existing fences will be replaced with new 1.8m high walls constructed from yellow stock bricks between the existing pillars, to give the garden an enhanced sense of privacy and security.

Mediterranean Courtyard Design

The street entrance will benefit from a timber slatted gate installed on the inside of the existing metal gate, to prevent the garden being viewed from the pavement beyond. A second timber gate will be installed at the end of the side return. Directly in front of this second gate will be a small section of decking, laid with attractive and durable Yellow Balau hardwood boards

A carved head fountain water feature installed on the left hand wall will provide the relaxing ambient sound of running water. The existing steps will be removed and new steps to the lower area will be constructed. A raised bed, constructed from concrete blocks and finished with Spanish fancy tiles across all visible faces, will act as a both retainer and barrier between upper and lower areas, and will house a variety of fragrant herbs for use in the kitchen.

Flooring in the upper area will be ornate and decorative and will comprise Terracotta tiles laid in a diamond grid pattern with picture tile inserts, finished with a double terracotta and picture tile border. The lower area and steps will be laid with terracotta tiles in a stretcher-bond pattern

A suspended bench constructed from Yellow Balau timber will be attached to the rear boundary wall. This will be backed by a decorative tile frame installed on the wall above. The client will have opportunity to place a Spanish-style table and chairs in this area to allow for alfresco dining and entertaining.

A stainless steel tension-wire ‘pergola’ stretching over the dining area between the left and right boundary walls provide support for wonderful wisteria and grape vines to accentuate the rich Mediterranean styling of the garden. Flush beds to either side of the main paving will provide space for numerous climbers, which will create a green backdrop and rich scents in the summer.