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This client was looking for a South Woodford landscaper. They called Earth Designs to see if they could solve their design needs and deliver a layout for the garden that suited the house, the needs of the family and their budget.

This client has had an extension built which included construction of a new patio. There are some mature shrubs in the garden which they like, but otherwise it is a fairly bland and uninspiring space and the client would like to inject some energy and style. They plan to build a “man cave” garden room for multiple leisure activities at the bottom of the garden but would really like to rework the space so there is something for all the family to enjoy.


The existing patio will remain but will be squared parallel to the house by removing the curved area to the left. The left side of the patio will accommodate an L-shaped outdoor rattan sofa, framed by a backdrop of two decorative hardwood panels installed in a planting bed.

On the right hand side will be a fixed seating area comprising an L-shaped rendered raised bed to which a hardwood decked bench will be fixed. The raised bed will form the backrest to the bench and will be filled with a variety of garden herbs.

The existing ugly boundary fences along both sides of the patio will be clad with decorative horizontal slatted Red Cedar panels to provide a uniform and attractive backdrop to the garden. A large tank planter on the right hand side will provide a block of colour.

The main section of the garden will be laid with artificial lawn, and tall elegant evergreen pleached trees installed to provide screening along both boundaries. The trees will be underplanted with hydrangeas, agapanthus and foxgloves to provide year round interest and colour.

family garden design
family garden design