Loughton Garden Designer needed to solve our exceptionally steep plot.

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These clients needed a Loughton garden designer. They had an exceptionally complex plot which has a 3m level difference from the lowest point (next to the house) to the top of the garden. They have a young child and a tricky space. They needed some help from our senior garden designer to solve the problem.

The client has lived in this property for a few years. Although the garden is large, it is awkward as it is on several different levels. Across the whole length of the garden 11 change is almost 3 m, making it quite difficult space to use. The client would like to increase the floor space in the lower area to make the most of the sunshine and to provide an easy access solution from the house. They would like to feel that the level change going up the house is not too harsh but including as few steps as is possible.


The large retaining wall, which is currently very imposing, Will be pushed right back. A large sweeping curve wraps around the entire corner of the house softening the space. Sandstone paving slab’s measuring 600 x 900 fill the space and the retaining wall will be a height of 1000 mm, rendered, and painted the colour of the clients choice. To the left of the space for decking stairway leads up to the grass. Laser cut balustrading and deep planting will prevent the user from falling from the edge of the lawn.

Underneath this stairway is a storage area for the clients wheelie bins. A playful elements in the space will be a spiral slide allowing a quick descent from the upper area to the lower area for adults and children alike. Circle of artificial lawn will provide soft landing.

The sweeping curve wraps round the side of the house to a second set of steps. More graduated, these steps dogleg up the garden, with a halfway point to access a utility storage/shed/washing line area before continuing up towards the existing oak tree. this area will be screened by laser cut aluminium screens.

From the Oaktree the opportunity to hang swing is offered, and the pathway cuts across the lawn to the deck area which offers an opportunity for a large luxury is daybed to be positioned. The garden then terraces up in small steps towards the back of the garden. The next terraced level is covered with artificial lawn and provides opportunity for children’s play area. Another terrace sees opportunity for planting, and then the final area, is a large sloping egg shaped lawn leading up to and outdoor office.

The planting in the space will be colourful, low maintenance and long flowering.

family garden design
family garden design