Mirrored Gardens Urning it’s place

Grow a Friendly Space

I love the idea of using reflection in quirky, interesting ways. These urns from Kathy Dalwood are a contemporary take on what was historically a staple ‘must have’ ornament for the garden.

Nestled into the soft foliage of trees and shrubs the urns create a stark contrast, drawing the eye and standing out as unusual focal points. They would work playfully in any garden, but consideration should be given to what will be reflected in the mirrored surface, ensuring that it is not an ugly wall or shed for instance.

Interior versions are also available. Using them both internally and externally could be a simple way to create a link between home and garden, which is particularly key when your outdoor space is restricted, for example in a roof terrace or small courtyard garden.

Kathy describes them as follows:

“Specified in acrylic or mirrored steel for outdoors, the cut-outs introduce an intriguing 4th dimension to a landscaped area or terrace, creating mesmerising trompe l’œil reflections and expanding and transforming the space around them. The silhouettes possess a dramatic, sculptural presence and play with not only references to classical gardens but also perceptions of scale. There are seven different profiles in the collection”