Grow a Friendly Space


This garden is underused by the client and needs reworking to provide better use of the space. The garage at the back of the garden is never used and they are looking to reclaim the area for additional work/play/storage space. They would like a modern cottage garden feel with as much lawn as possible. The existing large silver birch tree should remain. Access to both sideways is required and the client would like to keep some of the shrubs on the left-hand side to help reduce traffic noise from the road beyond.


Directly adjoining the house will be a porcelain tiled patio with steps leading from the house to the lawn and porcelain paving along the side return. To the front if the main patio will be a raised bed constructed from stock bricks. A path laid with porcelain slabs as stepping stones will lead down the right side of the garden to a smaller porcelain patio at the back. Several timber arches will define the pathway and add height to the garden.

A stepping stone pathway will also lead down the left hand side to the reclaimed driveway area to the very rear, which will be fenced off to create a larger garden space which will contain a small porcelain patio. The existing garage will be removed and a new garden office structure installed to the right.

The patio will wrap around the front of the office. A timber pergola constructed around the existing silver birch will provide a support point for a swing chair and help create some shade and structure in the space. Planting will follow a soft feathery woodland scheme with a mixture of evergreen shrubs, herbs, ferns and long flowering perennials.