Modern design garden

Earth Designs was asked to create a modern design garden following a recent renovation to the house

modern garden design the brief

Garden Design Brief

The client originally planned raised beds around the edge of the garden constructed from railway sleepers, but following a chat with Katrina, they decided they wanted something more aesthetically pleasing and engaging. A modern garden design.

modern garden design plan by Earth Designs

Earth Designs was called to create a modern garden in chalkwell

The Solution

Keeping in line with the idea of creating a perimeter, the modern design garden will include patio blue/grey granite slabs that will wrap around the corner of the house. The right of this area will feature a bespoke concrete outdoor kitchen that will cater for entertaining in the garden, which reflects the modern design garden. Pleached trees on the boundaries will give privacy, and a powder coated steel balustrade terrace will include plenty of room for a large table and chairs.

Two fibreglass trough planters will separate the area two thirds of the way down the garden, which will also give a nice-looking focal point to the space.

The bottom of the garden will be laid with artificial lawn, and a small shed will provide storage for children’s play equipment. There will also be a planting bed for the family to grow their own plants and vegetables, giving a real modern design garden that is self-sufficient in areas and interactive.

Our moodboards

Earth Designs always creates mood boards; this is for modern garden designs

Mood Board - moder garden designs

planting plan - modern garden design by Earth Designs

The Plants

Pleached trees will give an element of privacy to the garden.

Planting within the terraced steps, will add even more greenery, and an area for the client to choose their own will give the modern design element,

Classic plants such as hydrangea will feature, and flowers from New Zealand including phormium chocomint will also be planted.

plethora of colours in earth designs' latest creation

The colour scheme

It should be very colourful with all the plethora of flowers and plants.

There’s a grey and blue theme, with hints of pale pink in this modern design garden, with some of the planting being silver in colour to match the theme.

The full concept gallery

view down a modern garden design

bottom of modern garden design

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