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This modern garden chair rocks it in any garden

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If you want to jazz up your outdoor space in a jiffy, simply add a modern garden chair such as the Acapulco rocking chair.

modern garden rocking chair

A modern garden chair instantly jazzes up any patio

A modern garden chair instantly jazzes up any patio

Instant impact

I think a cracking piece of garden furniture can make or break a garden. Funk it up, or style it out. These modern garden chairs rock any garden. If you have a fairly dull patio and planting which does the job but is not giving you much excitement, had a super quirky piece furniture into the mix and hey presto you have a garden which has designed a feel. A plastic patio set is not going to get you much in the way of static appeal or comfort status. Timber garden furniture does the job, but does not set you apart from the pack.

Make a statement

If you have a small courtyard garden design adding a statement piece furniture becomes talking point. I love these Acapulco rockers. They come in a wide range of colours to suit the bravest of tastes and have a fab retro feel about them. I can see nature’s patterns inspired them in a stylish way, and teaming them with other furniture it would not look out of place in the garden. They remind me of the evocative Peacock chairs so fabulously famous in the 1970s. They also have a range including chairs and tables so you could really mix that arrived in the furniture needs with the one style.

Outdoor hardy

Powder-coated with a steel frame and colourfast, you have the resistant, woven-vinyl calls state that it is meant to last for years and years. Teamed with scatter cushions or just left on its own it is both architecturally inspiring as well as being comfortable. Personally I would go for a bright jazzy colour as it will add a real punch on a cold winters day.

Adds colour

I think where ever possible if you can add colour from your hard landscaping all your styling accessories it takes the pressure off the planting needing to be a high performer. If you are feeling really brave, you could mix-and-match some of the colours within the range. Even if all your planting was a simple palette of greens (bang on trend at the moment) you can lift the space with a couple of zingy modern garden chairs.