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Set the modern garden benchmark

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Add a modern garden bench into your garden and it instantly takes it to the next level. A coloured, modern piece of furniture can radically alter the space.

Fabulous dose of retro from this modern garden bench

Fabulous dose of retro from this modern garden bench

Make or break

Garden furniture can make or break a garden design. This 60s bench by Fermob lends itself to any garden. This cool, laid-back modern design works both indoors and out and has a fresh young feel about it as the curves give way to a woven pattern. Compact, lightweight and fashionable, it is perfect for following the sun around the garden.

Funk it up

The rest of the Fermob garden furniture collection includes chairs, benches and tables in a range of funky colours, from tangerine orange to cool white, graphite grey and amethyst purple. With its fab retro feel, it is perfect for mirroring interior styling. If you have a penchant for mid-century furniture, or the Scandinavian look, you can pull a little bit of the retro feel into your outside space.

Add colour

With furniture like this there doesn’t need to be so many demands placed on the garden to be the star. The furniture is so eye catching that if you’re hard landscaping or your planting is slightly below par you can get away with it because the colourful architectural feel of this furniture grabs your attention. Team it with colourful scatter cushions, or bright dining accessories and it’s a definite winner.