Modern Garden Design – plucking ideas from a hat

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Modern garden design

The bold and sensual curves of this stunning pointy lace hat by Isabella Blow are the influence for the lines that sweep across the space in this modern garden design.

A sandstone circle forms the pivotal point of the space, from which a bulbous, symmetrical lawn  thrusts out to meet at a point in the far corner of the garden. The shape of the lawn guides the eye across the space to the end point, which would feature a statue, sculpture or water feature as a focus.  A feature constructed from dark granite or slate would be most reminiscent of the hat that inspires the design.

Planting beds to either side of the lawn would feature a series of screens constructed to follow the lines of the lawn, similar to the dramatic shape of the lace brim of the hat. If budget allowed these screens would ideally be constructed from laser-cut patterned steel panels. Alternatively they could be made from steel mesh through which climbers would be encouraged to weave . A black flowering plant, such as Clematis Niobe, would be a great solution.

Planting throughout the rest of the bed would be a juxtaposition of architectural shrubs interspersed with soft billowy grasses. Modern Garden Design works best with bold schemes and the fusion of strong and soft planting echoes the simultaneously grandiose and delicate nature of the hat.