Grow a Friendly Space


Seating area needs to be moved to make the most of the late afternoon sun. The client would like to include a garden office in the final design. Design to include area of grass for the dog. Require screening along the right-hand boundary. Garden to be as low maintenance as possible.


The patio area directly outside the back door will be increased to allow for a bigger seating area to make best use of the sunniest part of the garden. Paving throughout the garden will be laid with 900mm x 600mm porcelain slabs. A rectangular fibreglass planter will be placed under the window, with a red grandis slatted screen installed on the left hand boundary fence to define the area and create an attractive backdrop to the space.

Directly opposite the back door will be three tapered fibreglass planters containing bold architectural specimen plants to provide colour and interest throughout the seasons. The corner fence on the boundary to the right of the house will be clad with sheets of Perspex ‘Naturals’ to create a modern slick finish. A tall wooden sentry box style storage unit will be placed to the front of this area, at the start of a paved pathway running up the right hand of the garden. This pathway will dogleg left and continue across the garden between a fabulous multi-purpose garden office at the rear of the space and a low-maintenance, dog-friendly artificial lawn in the centre.

The planting plan will follow a pink and purple colour scheme, focussing on low maintenance evergreen plants. The right hand boundary will be lined with pleached evergreen Ligustrum Japonican trees for added height and privacy.

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