Modern garden design in Rochford

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These clients have recently bought a family home and looking for inspiration for their garden in Rochford.

They have finished renovating the house and are looking at turning their attention to the shabby and overgrown garden.

They are looking for a modern design within their new garden. The garage needs to be dismantled and the area used to increase the free space in the garden.


The area adjoining the back door will feature a square hardwood deck with a large planter in one corner. The boundary wall to the left will be clad with a panel of matt finish Perspex to create an attractive backdrop.

One boundary fence to the right will be clad with grey Perspex panels to create a uniform and stylish backdrop. The rest of the boundaries will be painted with Cuprinol Garden Shades ‘Urban Slate.’

A stunning outdoor kitchen will provide ample opportunity for cooking and dining in the garden. The real showstopper though is the eye-catching water feature. This will feature textured tiles all the way around it, and in front of it will be a large oak cube incorporating a stainless-steel trough with a spout.

The back of the garden will accommodate a second large porcelain patio large enough for various sofas and loungers to give that indoor look outside. Finally, a timber building at the rear boundary will offer an area that can be used as a work station, extra bedroom or sunroom space.

The planting scheme will focus on foliage and texture, featuring mainly green leafy evergreens, chosen for their form and architectural qualities.

One highlight will be four flat top pleached trees lending an elegant feeling to the space. There will also be some flat top trees.

Cuprinol Garden Shades’ ‘urban slate’ will be used to give that modern look. It is proposed that there is a lot of neutral colours in materials combined with lush green planting and trees.

family garden design
family garden design